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Prom Limousine Hire

With the end of the academic year just around the corner, many school leavers are getting excited by the prospect of the end-of-year prom, arguably the most significant event in the calendar (besides exams, maybe).

For many, the planning has already begun. Attendees already know who they’re going with and what they are going to wear months in advance.

Many people, though, neglect to think in detail about how they’ll get to and from their prom. Many school students assume that their parents will be available to take them to the venue and then pick them up afterwards, just as with everything else. More organised people, though, can see the benefits of choosing limousine hire for the evening. Limo services offer a host of advantages over a lift in the regular family car.

Here are the reasons you’ll want to hire a limo on prom night this year.

It Makes Prom Night More Special

The end-of-year high school prom is a once-in-a-lifetime event. It’ll never come around again. For that reason, it is worth paying a little extra attention to the smaller details of the night, including how you’ll arrive and depart.

While the family car is a viable option, it’s not as special as arriving in a limo driven by your very own chauffeur. Limo hire makes young adults feel on top of the world for the evening and gives them a taste of the high-life – something that they could enjoy in the future if they continue to work hard.

Limo Hire Reduces Stress For Everyone

Limo hire offers another critical function: it reduces stress for all concerned. Parents don’t have to worry about staying up late to collect their children after the event. And students know that their limo driver will be waiting for them the moment that they want to leave the venue.

Remember, limo hire is different from hiring a taxi. When you hire a limo, you get access to a driver for the entire evening, not just a 20 or 30-minute slot. Your children, therefore, can choose to leave the venue whenever they like, and their limo driver will be right there, ready to take them home. Thus, having a limo for a high school prom is more akin to having your very own private chauffeur, just like a professional travelling executive might have when doing business in a new city. The limo is ready to take them to their next destination, whenever they need it.

Limos Provide Ample Entertainment

Limos in places like Brighton and Eastbourne in East Sussex offer much more than just comfy seats and pleasant conversation. They also provide entertainment too, designed to make the journey to and from the prom venue just as exciting as the main event itself.

Limos offer things like colourful interior LED lighting, lavish interior upholstery, TV screens, stereo systems, starlight ceilings and fibre optic effects. They also provide refrigerated drinks storage and even dining facilities for eating snacks. In short, being on a limo feels very much like travelling in a luxury home. It is nothing like a ride in the back of a taxi.

Limo Hire Ensures That Your Party Arrives At The Venue At The Same Time

Most prom attendees go to events as part of a party  – a group of friends who may be sitting at the same table or want to hang out together for the evening. It is nice, therefore, when everyone can arrive and leave at the same time.

Here again, limo hire can help. Limousines provide plenty of space for multiple passengers – groups of eight or more – to arrive at their the destination at a time of their choosing. There’s no need to order separate taxies or get individual lifts. The limo hire company provides all the transportation you need with a single, comprehensive service.

Prom-Goers Can Impress Their Dates (And Their Class-Mates)

While arriving at a prom in a limo is becoming more popular, it is by no means mainstream. Instead, it is something that only a small fraction of attendees do.

For that reason, it is the perfect way to impress a date or friends. Arriving in a limo automatically gives you a VIP vibe, increasing your status instantly.

The Cool Factor

At root, travelling to the prom in a limousine is just a lot of fun. It has the cool factor. And, in many ways, it is worth doing just for that. School leavers can feel like they’re on top of the world for an evening. Contact us now for a free quote

Published Date: February 20, 2020
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