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Limo Hire Tips

Would you hire the cheapest surgeon? Most people wouldn’t, or consider staying at the cheapest hotel, yet that’s how many consumers shop for a limo hire service.

  • Don’t make a costly and embarrassing mistake!
  • Think about risks you take when shopping for the “best price”.
  • Protect yourself and eliminate risk.
  • Limousine service rental policies what you can expect.
One of the biggest mistakes you could make when hiring a stretch limousine service is to base your decision solely on “best price”. This could result in you taking large risks. Are you prepared to take such risks?
Look at the risks you take when shopping for the “best price”.
  • An old model limousine turns up, rusting at the seams. Instead of being couched in luxury, you’re embarrassed.
  • Your chauffeur gives poor customer service with your company’s clients.
  • You lose the account.
  • Your limousine gets involved in an accident and doesn’t have the proper insurance, so it’s invalid. Now what?
  • Your limousine doesn’t show up.
  • You miss your concert.
  • Your limousine is late.
  • You miss your flight.

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