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Limo Hire for New Year Celebrations

New Year is, traditionally, a time to get together with friends and say Sayonara to one year and hello to a new one. It’s a chance for everyone to reminisce on what they have done and achieved, but it’s also the chance to look forward to the coming year. This time, it’s not just the end of the year, but the end of the decade, and if that’s not a cause for celebration, then what is? If you live around Brighton, Eastbourne, Tunbridge Wells, Crawley, or anywhere across East and West Sussex, here are some reasons why you should look at limo hire for New Year’s Eve celebrations, and what you can do with one.


Arrive In Style in a Limo

Who doesn’t like to arrive in style? Limo hire is the perfect way to announce your entrance at any of the venues you’ve got planned for the night. People’s heads will turn, their jaws will drop, and they might mistake you for a celebrity pulling up at the most happening place in town.

It’s not just about arriving in style, though. Renting a limo means that you and your mates can enjoy all the luxuries that come with such a service. The bar is open for use, the seats are ready for you to crash into, and the tinted windows give you the privacy you need to get to where you need to be without the hassles of taxis, trains, buses, or walking to your local.

Get Everyone There Together

Anyone who’s ever tried to organise a New Year’s bash understands how difficult it can be to get everyone in one place at the same time. It’s understandable. Everyone has lives, and those lives often don’t take a break just because it’s New Year’s Eve, although imagine if it did.

This is the great thing about both limo and party bus hire. You can get everyone in the same place at the same time before you even make it to the party. The party bus gets everyone in the mood and loosens everybody up ready to go clubbing wherever you are heading in the city.

No longer will you stand by the door, checking your phone, checking your watch, or sipping sadly at your pint while you wait for your party to start. With the party bus, the celebrations come to you, and everyone else in your crew.

Treat a Special Someone with a Limo Hire Gift

Limousine hire doesn’t always need to be about wild nights and libertine luxury, despite what the movies might tell you. If you want to ring in the New Year with a special someone or treat those who feel painfully forgotten about because they have birthdays around the holidays, a gift voucher makes them the centre of attention, even if it’s just inside the limo.

Inside, they’ll be pampered and paid the utmost attention to, enjoying every second of their journey from the front door to the venue.

If you don’t plan on hanging around for too long, then you might be able to arrange for the driver to wait for you before heading off to the next place. And if that place is the comfort of your home and cosy pyjamas, it could be a welcome relief because while you may have once been able to go all night long, you can’t hack it any longer.

See the Sights

Another memorable way to make the most hiring a limousine is to use it to see the sights of the surrounding city before heading to dinner to line the stomach before the celebrations get into full swing.

The marvels of renting a limo mean that the driver will take you wherever you want to go, no questions asked. If you like, you can take a ride along the Brighton coastline and watch the moon and fireworks reflect in the calm and glistening water, or you can head deeper into the city and enjoy the snapshots of celebration happening all around you.

If you’ve got something super special planned, then the limo is a fantastic way to get you to your destination and add a touch of class that would be lost had you just booked a taxi like everyone had first suggested.

Ring in The New Year

Renting a limo and arriving in style is not something you can do every week, not for most of us, anyway, and with New Year’s being such a special thing for many, especially the British public, there is no reason not to think about hiring a limo and seeing in 2020 with your nearest and dearest.

For friends, family, or couples looking for a romantic place to get away from the carnage, a limousine is something unique and forever memorable. Get a quote from us now

Published Date: December 17, 2019
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