Party Bus and Limo hire services across Brighton and the South East

Party buses – the latest trend in luxury transportation

 Available in Brighton, Crawley and various other locations across Sussex and Surrey, this service is the perfect way to make sure that the party never ends. Ideal for everything from proms to getting the wedding party to the reception, these party buses are the number one choice for event transportation. 

What Is A Party Bus?Party Bus Hire

You don’t want to use a taxi for a special occasion. A limo is a great option, but perhaps it’s not big enough for your needs. If you’re thinking about transporting ten people or even more a limo just isn’t going to cut it. Besides, you can’t really party on the go in a limo, but you can with a party busy.

A party bus is the ultimate entertainment option when you’re looking for transport to an event location. Or you could hire one for trips to various different locations, such as when you have planned a full hen party at different places around the city.

These buses are kitted out with everything from full, deluxe seating to music systems, massive HD TV screens and disco lights. Do you want to play karaoke while you’re on the way to the next club? Perhaps you are keen to make sure that your kids can dance all the way to their prom and have a proper celebration before they even arrive. Party buses are equipped for all this and so much more! In fact, they can be kitted out and set up for whatever you like?

We mean that literally too because the buses can be styled to match your needs. From hanging decorations to special occasions or simply getting the right lighting to set the mood, you’ll be dazzled and delighted when you step inside.

Arrive In Style

If you’re looking for the best way to arrive at your special event, then a party busy is definitely the way to go. These buses look absolutely incredible inside and out. With a sleek design and luxurious feel, you’re certainly going to impress onlookers when you arrive in one of these. There’s no expense spared here and the driver will even open the door for you like you’re a true star.

When you’re ready to leave, the party doesn’t have to stop either. Instead, the party bus can be there to pick you and your friends up, ready to take you home or to the next unforgettable part of your evening. While other people hop in a taxi, you’ll be able to jump on board your private party bus and continue the night in style.

Service with a Smile

There’s no need to worry if you’re arranging a party bus for friends or family members to enjoy. The drivers are experts and professionals with years of experience on the road. They will make sure that the party is safe and taken care of while they travel to their destination. All party bus drivers operating in Eastbourne and Sussex are friendly, polite and constantly ready to go the extra mile for customers. They want to make sure that your night out in a party bus is absolutely exceptional and completely unforgettable. So, if you have any queries or special requests, you can ask the driver and be sure that they’ll be carried out.

Budget Friendly

Planning everything you need for your wedding or even prom can be stressful and often an expensive issue. You’ll be pleased to hear that while it might sound like a dream, the cost of a party bus certainly won’t be a nightmare. Instead, these buses fit a wide range of budgets. There are even party buses in Tunbridge Wells and Crawley available for different sized parties and numbers of people. So, you can choose the option that’s right for your needs.

As you can see then, a party bus hire really could be a fantastic choice for any special occasion. The best part? You have complete control of what you want. You can decide when you want the bus to pick you up, drop you off and where you want the night to begin. You’ll be able to invite as many guests as you like to enjoy the bus with you and make sure that it is kitted out with everything you need for your event.

So, if you’re ready for the only party on wheels, get in touch and make sure you arrange your own party bus hire.

Published Date: February 19, 2019
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