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Beabadoobee is the stage name of London singer-songwriter Bea Regner. Her debut EP sounds like a warm hug for people who just realised that 10 Things I Hate About You just turned 20 years old. ( Log Out /  If you want, you could go ahead and fix my head “I feel like I wear my heart on my sleeve on this record, and I really hope that it helps other girls like me who are going through the same thing,” Kristi says. If they try to, only if they try to. Beabadoobee’s first album is due out later this year. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. ‘Cause if you want, you could stay with me in my bed Wishing I still had my dreams ( Log Out /  And the benefit of age is that the music you were into when you thought moshing wasn’t just something you did to sustain a neck injury comes back around again, often presented in interesting new ways. As it turns out, it was one such soundtrack the convinced Bea to pick up the guitar in the first place, so that’s nice and serendipitous. ‘The Vow’: What Happened to Keith Raniere, Allison Mack and Other Key Figures, Stephen Colbert to Host Second Live Election Special on Showtime, Bruce Willis Stars in Commercial for ‘Die Hard’ Car Batteries, Brian Wilson Disavows Trump’s Beach Boys Benefit in California (EXCLUSIVE), Beastie Boys License a Song for an Ad for First Time Ever, for Joe Biden Spot Focused on Live Music Shutdown, ‘Avengers’ Cast Assembles for Joe Biden Fundraiser, ‘The Vow’: What the Finale’s Surprise Twist Means for Season 2, Tom Petty’s Daughter, Adria, on the Excavation of ‘Wildflowers’: ‘It Feels the Closest to Who He Really Was’, ‘In the Heights’ Actor Doreen Montalvo Dies at 56, Kanye West Responds to Issa Rae’s ‘SNL’ Joke: ‘I’m Praying for Her and Her Family’. ‘Cause every time I try to remember Some may recognize the Beabadoobee name from her 2017 hit “Coffee” — which boasts over 50 million streams on Spotify — or from Powfu’s recent remix of the track, “Death Bed (Coffee for Your Head),” which blew up on TikTok and became the sixth most-streamed song of the summer. Bed bugs in my mind ‘If You Want To’, one of a number of highlights, has both the lackadaisical charm of most of that era’s soundtracks mixed with a keen ear for the sorts of melodies that resonate in the post-Billie Eilish landscape. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Maybe you’ve bought a new pair of Air Max 98s (like you didn’t have them the first time around) but you’ve also got an extra jacket in case it’s cold out, a backup pair of earplugs, snacks. I’m getting older, but in artists like Beabadoobee, the artists I loved – from Elliott Smith to The Breeders, Tori Amos and The Cranberries –  are reborn every day. I listened to a lot of that music growing up – my mom used to play Alanis and the Cranberries and they very much inspired me.”, Movies were also a well of inspiration for Kristi when writing “Fake It Flowers,” which explains why nearly every song on the album sounds like it could fit right in with the soundtrack of any Y2K film staple, like “10 Things I Hate About You” or “She’s All That.”, Kristi says the films “The Craft” and “But I’m a Cheerleader” both specifically influenced the making of “Fake It Flowers,” because their soundtracks are, as she puts it, “purely all women, just badass chicks.”. Now it’s with me for the rest of my life.”. Wow good for you Sophie. If you want to, only if you want to country music fans up in arms over a Tik-Tok-driven African American newcomer. If you want to, only if you want to If you wanted to Or perhaps it’s the realisation that good music is ageless, as is loving it, even if the ways in which we experience it change. Global stars younger than my baby sister releasing killer debuts, country music fans up in arms over a Tik-Tok-driven African American newcomer, circle pits at a Slowthai show on a Monday with bass frequencies loud enough to shatter car windows outside and definitely give me a headache. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Though “Coffee” is a lo-fi, bedroom pop ballad backed only by an acoustic guitar, on her debut full-length album, “Fake It Flowers” — out today via Dirty Hit/ Interscope Records — Kristi has turned up the volume and delivered a 12-track trip of ’90s nostalgia: Think of the pop-rock princesses of the late ’90s and early 2000s — Liz Phair, Mazzy Star, Courtney Love, even Avril Lavigne — and add the musings of a modern-day teen navigating social media, hookup culture and a global pandemic. Beabadoobee, who originally trained as a violinist and only picked up guitar a year ago, is barely out of school, but well-versed in the indie-acoustic stylings of the late ’90s. 1 . If You Want To beabadoobee. Only approved users may post in this community. If you want, you could go ahead and fix my head Beabadoobee is certainly a hard name to forget, though it wasn’t exactly thought out. ‘Cause if you want, you could stay with me in my bed u/lotus717 follow unfollow. message the mods; lotus717; about moderation team » discussions in u/lotus717 < > X. Read Next: Adele Hosting ‘Saturday Night Live’ Next Week With Musical Guest H.E.R. Adele Hosting ‘Saturday Night Live’ Next Week With Musical Guest H.E.R. So I keep a close eye on the young artists she unearths. On the plus side, you could always just stay home and revel in nostalgia. I assume that’s where Sophia found her. No one’s stopping you.”. If you want to, only if you want to If you want, you could go ahead and fix my head If you want to, only if you want to [Post-Chorus] If you wanted to If you try to [Verse 2] Wishing I still had my dreams ... ‘If You Want To’ – Beabadoobee ” Dana Gallup says: July 28, 2020 at 7:25 am Keep them all alive Is there an age when you concede that you’re probably too old to be enjoying music written by teenagers or attending gigs mostly populated by them? To” has found a strong audience with nearly 4 million Spotify streams to date Bed bugs keep me up at night and I’m going insane “Oh my God,” Kristi sighs when asked by Variety about the name’s origins. I don’t know how to dance and it looks so dumb, but it’s honestly the most freeing, empowering thing to do and it makes me so happy,” Kristi says. Though she only picked up a guitar three years ago, Kristi shows the makings of a seasoned songwriter, enveloping emotionally vulnerable lyrics in head bang-worthy guitar riffs and sticky hooks. Album Patched Up. Change ). by beabadoobee 44,758 views, added to favorites 2,178 times The chorus may be slightly different, but here's the simplest version of a pretty simple, but v fun, song. If you want to, only if you want to, [Post-Chorus] Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. It’s possible that in future the only things that will tickle the correct regions of my amygdala will be palm-muted riffs that open into lush, multi-tracked acoustic numbers sung by someone that wasn’t old enough to vote against Brexit. If you try to, [Verse 2] Late night started, take up space [Pre-Chorus] There’s lots of great art that deals with the specific trials of struggling old rockers trying to stay relevant as they’re eclipsed by their younger peers, but less to do with general music fans as they age. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The 20-year-old Regner was born in the Philippines and relocated to London at age 3, where she studied the violin for seven years before picking up a guitar at 17. Beabadoobee: ‘I make music for girls my age, boys my age, gays my age’ The 20-year-old Londoner is unashamedly in thrall to 1990s stars like The Cranberries Tue, Oct 13, 2020, 05:00 ( Log Out /  ( Log Out /  More than anything, Kristi wants “Fake It Flowers” to be an album people can dance to, in contrast to her lo-fi projects of the past. Urantia Book - Paper 131 (The World's Religions) 1 . Sleep paralysis till I die What they don’t tell you is that chasing after the sounds you love in a discipline where most of the innovative stuff typically skews younger is that eventually the buck stops. Nobody else is mad enough to come with you, so you just hang out against the wall and hope nobody tries to buy drugs off you. Produced by Pig (Oscar Lang) & Joseph Rodgers. Die, [Chorus] Beabadoobee, who originally trained as a violinist and only picked up guitar a year ago, is barely out of school, but well-versed in the indie-acoustic stylings of the late ’90s. Care Lyrics: It's been a while since I've talked about it / Maybe it's time to cooperate / I need some help to forget about it / I don't want your sympathy / Stop saying you give a shit / ' MODERATORS . It was Sophia who first brought Billie Eilish to my attention, a full year and a half before the now-superstar released her Grammy-sweeping first album. created by lotus717 a community for 1 year. Bea Kristi, the British singer-songwriter behind the tongue-twisting moniker Beabadoobee, is bringing ’90s indie-rock back — even though she was born in 2000. Learn how your comment data is processed. get reddit premium. If you want to, only if you want to “Every time I’m sad, I dance in my pants [underwear] in front of my mirror in my room like nobody’s watching. © Copyright 2020 Variety Media, LLC, a subsidiary of Penske Business Media, LLC. feel free to leave a comment with corrections the verse and pre-chorus are heavily palm muted, it works to only play the sixth string. “Long story short, I obviously didn’t expect any of this to happen, so when it came time to put [her songs] online, my friend Oscar was like, ‘You have to choose a name,’ and I didn’t have one, so I told him to use my Finsta name, Beabadoobee. This is a cool video and she has a sweet voice. ​beabadoobee’s “If You Want To” has found a strong audience with nearly 4 million Spotify streams to date. It is produced by Oscar Lang and Joseph Rodgers and appears on 'Patched Up.' I’ll be featuring a handful of her finds over the next couple of weeks, and leaving out a few of the more high-profile ones (including Gracie Abrams and Noah Cyrus).

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