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lords mobile research boost

Use research boost before setting any research (use it only for long time researches it is rear).

If there is a kingdom boost that gives 20% research speed, and I use at the same time my 10% or 20% research speed boost, will it still apply?
Post was not sent - check your email addresses! This setup will give a massive 218% Training EXP boost and a 150% Merging Speed Boost. +4% +30%

Even scouting an enemy requires a little gold. The correct equipment will multiply the force of anything that you’re doing by x100. If you switch the gears while the army is still traveling towards the tile you won’t get the boosts! But they give boosts, so whatever… You may as well… I know. It’s hard to do anything without gold. Guild Fest is my favorite event because I try to think about stacking results too.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. +10%, +1.5% +4%

Prepare the drumrolls.

Alternatively, you can skip these single style gear types and build “double-punch gear sets” instead. Does my Gear have to Stay On?

HephBot Hephbot is a bot for Lords Mobile help on the free messaging app Line.

+60% Don’t get the same amount for each type of resource building. There are only 4 gear units that will help stone production but they will give you a 155% boost when maxed.

Research Gear. Accessory: Ivory Choker x 3 Off-hand: Gryphon’s Talon Main-hand: Electric Lance Helmet: Noceros Mask Armor: Lightning Guard Legs: Seafarers Cleats (Update: Now that the Craggy Greaves were released by Lords Mobile, they are the correct gear to wear.)


Always do Monster Hunt research 1st till max level as you can than focus on other researches.

My personal system favors stone over lumber and ore. Here is the equipment layout.

Been wondering about something.

Most of them are fantastic.

I just like Infantry and cavalry better.

Any information would help, thanks.

But if they’re not with you, they’re against you. +6%

Infantry Gear To learn more about troop composition, go to my tutorial on Darknests. ... Total Research Speed Up: {{speedup.default}} {{speedup.research}} {{}} Contact Us Today Or login to facebook messenger to live chat with us. It will give you a 277.5% boost. My recommendation would be to focus on one set of gear at a time and then slowly moving over to the others. My preferred attack style is one troop attack. Accessory: Wyrm Seal x 3 Legs: Gargantuan Belt Overall Battle Gear Some people are just lazy and aren’t interested in picking out sets of gears and then working on them… Or some players aren’t interested in the battle element of Lords Mobile and would like to have something ready, but don’t care too much about the details. +20%

This is where a guild will come in handy.

The answer is no. This question is also part of my most important Lords Mobile tips!

With the gear shown below, the Cavalry ATK will be 193.5% and the Cavalry HP will be 79.5%. This gear setup will give a Range ATK of 195% and Range HP of 62.5% when maxed to gold. Good news is that you can speed up your manor production! +20%, +2.5%

+10% Destroy all who stand in your way to total domination!

Here is the best equipment layout to use before merging pacts or training the familiars. +3% Once they begin collecting wood, you can put on your research gear and start a research.

The following arrangement is the best set-up to use for research and when level 60 and yellow will give you a 128.5% boost excluding all other in-game boosts. Here’s a guideon how to dominate your Familiars.) The world is yours for the taking in Lords Mobile! The diagram is below. Make sure to upgrade the Mystic Box as soon as possible. Clothes: Change into the right clothes right before launching a build or research… +150%, +1%

Effective gear (even research gear) will very quickly deter anyone from getting close.

Accessory: Sentinel’s Circlet x 3 Off-hand: Gryphon’s Talon Main-hand: Terror Lash (P2P from Big Guy is Sacred Broadsword) Helmet: Noceros Mask Armor: Lightning Guard Legs: Gryphon Walkers Research Gear Research gear is extremely important, especially if you’re going for T4. This game is chock-full of strategic thinking. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the lordsmobile community.

A bunch of things boost building/research time. Accessory: Ambrosial Cup x 3 (Hard Difficulty from Bon Appeti) Off-hand: Call of the Deep (Hard Difficulty from Tidal Titan) | Poor Alternative is Viral Switchblade from Mecha Trojan with Siege and Range boosts Main-hand: Decadent Sword (Hard Difficulty from Bon Appeti) | Kraken’s Anchor (Very Hard Difficulty from Tidal Titan) Helmet: Beast Helm (Medium Difficulty from Saberfang – Also has Cav ATK 25% and Army HP 15%) Armor: Terror Shield (Hard Difficulty from Terrorthorn) | Alternatively Firewall Plate (Medium difficulty from Mecha Trojan) Legs: Storm Tasset from Tidal Titan (Hard Difficulty from Tidal Titan) that will cross over for Cavalry Range Gear As I mention on my blog whenever I get a chance, I’m not much of a range fan.

[Guide] Guide to the New [Familiar Awakening] Feature. It’s more work because you will need to collect a lot more sets of gear, but the punch will be a lot more fierce. You army gear only needs to be on while you are in actual battle. Unless you want to hit T4 troops when your too old to slide your fingers across the screen, you’re going to need a lot of research boosts. Accessory: Frostwing’s breath x 3 Off-hand: Gryphon’s Talon Main-hand: N/A (there are no F2P gold production gear) Helmet: Helmet of Conquest Armor: Lightning Guard Legs: Dwarven Toe Guard Stone Production Gear I always recommend an unbalanced resource production. Last Name.

... Building/Research.

Accessory: Lunar Flute x 3 Off-hand: Vice Grips Main-hand: Electric Lance Helmet: Wyrmbone Coronet Armor: Terror Shield Legs: Gryphon Walkers Resource Gathering Gear Resources will help feed your armies, build your buildings and research, and most importantly inflate your already overstated ego. First Name. You don’t need battle gear while you are traveling.

That’s how I feel as well. +2% You will need a lot of resources to keep your ego afloat. +30%, +7.5% Familiar Training Gear The new Familiars… No one is quite sure if they like these weird things. Lords Mobile is a combination RPG/SLG game. Lords Mobile tool that Lords Mobile Market created for the purpose for players to calculate how much speed up they have saved up for their next big push in game.

Alternatively, you can go for the Army Boost gear as shown below. I’m not a fan, but who asked me…. Yes, killing enemy troops is also a task.

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